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20 February 2019

Student Testimonial

On the first day of the Glac Education Program, two things were obvious to all of us, students. Firstly, we all took part in it for different reasons. Some of us wanted to acquire knowledge in the field of archaeology and history outside of the usual school curriculum. Some of us wanted to improve our English, and others wanted to spend time learning new things in good company.

Secondly, no one anticipated having such an eventful week. We assumed there would be a lot of physical work and we would need to have ample knowledge of history and excellent command of English.

However, our experience in the Program turned out to be completely different from what we expected. We were given the opportunity to work on the site, excavate, learn, make Roman pottery and mint coins, and all of this was taught by top experts. What was special about this experience is the fact that we could apply theory to practice and were treated as equals by the members of the team. This was the first time we were on a site, in such proximity to ancient artefacts. All of this is what makes the Glac Project stand out from other projects we were ever part of. The entire Project team, and of course, our professor Alan, were there for us and taught us many things, some of which we were not aware of at that time. We developed great friendships, among ourselves and with the archaeologists and team members who held workshops throughout the Program. I am sure, we taught them something too. The most important lesson we learned is to appreciate our town.

Probably the best experience for all of us, was the work on site, the excavations. We had the opportunity to work with archaeologists and see what their workday looks like. We learned what to pay attention to, what tools to use and how to behave on the site. Working with Australian and Serbian team members was filled with jokes, laughter and unforgettable moments.

I highly recommend this Program to anyone who wishes to learn something new in a fun and dynamic way and in a multinational environment. This experience was life-changing. It has given us friendships, knowledge, skills, great memories and prospects.

Andrea Darabašić, Glac družina member


Julian in Sirmium

Julian in Sirmium

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