20 February 2019

Student Testimonial

On the first day of the Glac Education Program, two things were obvious to all of us, students. Firstly, we all took part in it for different reasons. Some of us wanted to acquire knowledge in the field of archaeology and history outside of the usual school curriculum. Some of us wanted to improve our English, and others wanted to spend time learning new things in good company.

The Glac Project Education Program, Sremska Mitrovica, 2-6 July 2018

During the week of 2-6 July 2018, the first Glac Project Education Program was held under the name ‘Sirmium: Past and Future.’ The program involved 20 students from the Sremska Mitrovica Grammar School (‘Gimnazija’), who had been selected by the Gimnazija, aged 15-17.

The Glac Project aims to run an education program for interested students from the Sremska Mitrovica Gimnazija from Monday 2 July to Friday 6 July, 2018. The program will be organised and run by Dr Alan Dearn, the Education and Outreach Coordinator of the Glac Project and teacher at Sydney Grammar School with 20 years of experience. Experts from Australia and Serbia will contribute to different workshops during the week-long program.

The 2018 education program will be organised around the theme ‘Sirmium: Past and Future’. During the week, students will be challenged to think about the cultural heritage of their town, including how it can be preserved and how it can best be presented to visitors. They will also take part in workshops that will introduce them to archaeology. They will assist at the Glac site, learning about archaeological methods, as well as attending specialised sessions at the site and Sremska Mitrovica Museum on topics such as Roman pottery and coins. Over the course of the week they will gain a strong understanding of the Roman town that lies beneath their feet, some of its stories, and the sorts of skills that are required to bring it to life for the future.

Prezentacija dr Alana Derna o Projektu Glac u Mitrovačkoj gimnaziji 20. decembra 2017. godinePrezentacija dr Alana Derna o Projektu Glac u Mitrovačkoj gimnaziji 20. decembra 2017. godine

The aim of the 2018 program is to inspire students from Sremska Mitrovica to see the opportunities their town provides for educational and cultural tourism, and to see the Glac Project as a part of their town’s future that they can be a part of. It also aims to inspire students with an authentic experience of archaeology as they contribute to the work of a dynamic international excavation.

2018 is just the beginning. In 2019 the Glac Project will expand its educational programs by involving students from Sydney Grammar School, with the intention that this will lead to a close relationship and exchange program for students from Sydney and Sremska Mitrovica.

There will be no cost for students from Sremska Mitrovica to take part in the 2018 program, although they are expected to contribute to all activities throughout the week. Light lunches and transport to and from the Glac site from the town centre will also be provided.


Julian in Sirmium

Julian in Sirmium

Mosaics are beautiful traces of the Roman past. The striking mosaic floors in the imperial palace at Sirmium, and also the ones we have discovered so far at Glac, are...


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