Our international team consists of experts from the Institute of Archaeology in Belgrade, the University of Sydney and the Museum of Srem in Sremska Mitrovica, specialised in various fields, with extensive experience in ancient sites research. Apart from experts in different branches of archaeology, we have researchers who specialise in paleozoology, archeobotanics, 3D presentation and immersive systems design. The multidisciplinary team is set to examine the multilayered site Glac in the coming years. Since education is a significant component of the project, students from Serbia and Australia are an important part of the team.

richard miles
Professor Richard MilesProject Co-Director The University of Sydney Academia.edu
stefan pop lazic
Dr Stefan Pop-Lazić Project Co-DirectorThe Institute of Archaeology - Belgrade Academia.edu
Bernadette McCall
DR BERNADETTE MCCALLField Co-Supervisor University of Sydney Academia.edu
John Whitehouse
JOHN WHITEHOUSESurvey Lead The University of SydneyCV
Vujadin Vujadniovic C
VUJADIN VUJADINOVIĆField Co-Supervisor/Documentation The National Museum, Čačak
Candace Ricahrd 1
CANDACE RICHARDSArea Supervisor Nicholson Museum, Sydney Academia.edu
Erin by C
ERIN MEINArea Supervisor
Claudia by C
Jasmina by C2
Jasmina DavidovićCoordinator of Pottery and Stone Objects Processing The Museum of Srem Academia.edu
Alan Dearn
DR ALAN DEARNEducation and Outreach CoordinatorThe Sydney Grammar SchoolAcademia.edu
milijan dimitrijevic
dr Milijan DimitrijevićArchaeological Survey and Field Archaeologist The University of Sydney Academia.edu
Milica by C
MILICA TOMIĆ, MA in ArchaeologyArchaeologist-GIS Database, Technical Documentation CV
Aleksandar Stamenkovic
ALEKSANDAR STAMENKOVIĆ, MA in ArchaeologyArchaeologist - GIS Database and Technical Documentation Academia.edu
Miroslav by C
Miroslav JesretićNumismatics The Museum of Srem CV
Sanja Treskanica by C
Sanja TreskanicaSmall Finds Documentation The Museum of Srem CV
Sonja Stefanski Zoric
Sonja Štefanski ZorićPottery Processing
Svetlana Gojkovic
Svetlana GojkovićConservator
Dragana Nedeljkovic 2
MR. SCI. DRAGANA NEDELJKOVIĆBioarchaeological Material Processing The Museum of Srem Academia.edu
Ljiljana Muždeka
LJILJANA MUŽDEKAArchaeologist Academia.edu
Bojan Popovic
BOJAN POPOVIĆ, M. ArchArchitecture AnalysisInstitute of Archaeology in Belgrade Academia.edu
Andrew Yip
DR ANDREW YIPUAV Pilot and 3D Recording Specialist The University of New South Wales
Slobodan Maksic
Slobodan MaksićVideo DocumentationThe Museum of Srem
Chris Davies
CHRIS DAVIESDocumentary Maker
Zorana web
ZORANA KATARANOVSKI, MA in EurocultureProject Coordinator The University of Sydney
Byron by C
BYRON WALDRONPhD StudentUniversity of SydneyAcademia.edu
Jelena by C 2
Jelena ŠarovićMasters StudentThe University of SydneyAcademia.edu
Natalie Mendes
NATALIE MENDESMasters StudentThe University of SydneyAcademia.edu
Zvezdana Stimac
Zvezdana ŠtimacStudent The University of BelgradeAcademia.edu
Mihajlo by C
MIHAJLO DŽAMTOSKIStudentThe University of BelgradeAcademia.edu
Jasna by C
JASNA MIRČEVSKIStudentThe University of BelgradeAcademia.edu
Mateja by C
MATEJA MILOŠEVIĆStudentThe University of Belgrade
Kristina by C
KRISTINA MILJKOVIĆ StudentThe University of BelgradeAcademia.edu
IMG 0158
DUŠAN KOJIĆStudentThe University of BelgradeAcademia.edu
Ana Velickovic
ANA VELIČKOVIĆStudentThe University of BelgradeAcademia.edu
Jelena Todorovic by C1
JELENA TODOROVIĆPHD StudentThe University of British Columbia, CanadaCV


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