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27 June 2017

The Minister for Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia welcomes the Australian team

On the 27th of June 2017, the Australian delegation of experts and students from the University of Sydney, the Australian Ambassador to Serbia and her team were received by Minister Vladan Vukosavljević and Belgrade City Manager Goran Vesić at the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia.

Minister Vukosavljević emphasized how the importance of this project lies in the establishment of a high quality international cooperation between the experts from the University of Sydney, the Institute of Archaeology in Belgrade, students from Australia and Serbia, and in the scientific results. The Minister thanked Ambassador Feeney for her successful efforts in bringing the two countries closer through collaborations in the field of culture. Belgrade City Manager Vesić also acknowledged Ambassador Feeney’s support and promotion of the Serbian culture and recognized the high potential for the development of tourism that the project can bring. Ambassador Feeney thanked the Minister and City Manager for their cooperation with this and numerous other projects that are part of the successful bilateral cooperation between Australia and Serbia. Professor Richard Miles, the Australian Co-Director of the Project, expressed his pleasure to be able to work in a very hospitable country that has an incredible archaeological heritage and leading experts from whom a lot can be learned. The Serbian Co-Director, Dr Stefan Pop-Lazić said this is a long-term project that will shed new light on Sirmium. And lastly, Jelena Šarović, the youngest member of the team, born in Niš, Serbia, stated she is extremely pleased that her first major archaeological project, following the completion of her bachelor studies in Australia, is bringing her back to her country of birth.

We are thankful to our hosts for their warm welcome and the support they have provided for the Glac project!

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