20 February 2019

Student Testimonial

On the first day of the Glac Education Program, two things were obvious to all of us, students. Firstly, we all took part in it for different reasons. Some of us wanted to acquire knowledge in the field of archaeology and history outside of the usual school curriculum. Some of us wanted to improve our English, and others wanted to spend time learning new things in good company.

Obrazovni program Projekta Glac, Sremska Mitrovica, 2. – 6. jul 2018. godine

Od 2. do 6. jula 2018. godine, održan je prvi Obrazovni program Projekta Glac, pod nazivom  „Sirmijum 2018: Prošlost i budućnost”. U programu je učestvovalo 20 učenika Mitrovačke gimnazije, uzrasta 15 – 17 godina, koje je odabrala Gimnazija.


Julian in Sirmium

Mosaics are beautiful traces of the Roman past. The striking mosaic floors in the imperial palace at Sirmium, and also the ones we have discovered so far at Glac, are...


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